Design Lead

As the TEDxUNC design lead, I developed the identity and brand of the entire conference. Based on group discussions of the TEDxUNC organizing committee, we decided a theme focused on the multi-step process of creation would work well with a broad spectrum of TED talks– thus, “Assembly Required” was coined.

To represent the “Asssembly Required” theme, I was inspired by the look of a blueprint. I wanted to find a way to depict the theme of construction and assembly, which are complicated processes, by using simple shapes and graphics. I also needed to find a way to simplify the complex logo I designed, as many of the assets we produced were very small (i.e. 1-inch round buttons).

I chose to give those images a messy “scribbled-in” effect to match the blueprint aesthetic and allude again to the process of creation exemplified by “Assembly Required.” I also used the six simple machines, especially the screw and the nut, as symbolic representations of the theme.

Based on the style guide I created that centered on blueprints and simple machines, I led a small team of designers throughout the 8-month marketing campaign. I first learned what each designer’s strengths and weaknesses were, and then gave them each smaller projects that catered to their strengths while still challenging them and encouraging them to learn. We also worked together for larger projects, such as set design for the conference.

The final conference had a consistent, comprehensive identity that was easily recognizable across all forms of media. I learned how to develop and lead an end-to-end marketing campaign using strong branding and a variety of digital and print design. Tickets for the event were sold out, and over 1400 people attended the TEDxUNC “Assembly Required” conference.