Hi, I'm Lisa.

I'm an interaction, motion, and visual designer who creates pixel-perfect interfaces and crafts delightful user experiences.

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About Me

My name is Lisa Dzera [diz-air-uh].

I use my visual design skills and passion for crafting inspiring user experiences to create intuitive, beautiful, and human-centered products. Because of my agency, in-house, and freelance experience, I can thrive under pressure and manage multiple projects within tight time constraints.

I’m a team player but also a self-starter. I can communicate complex ideas in effective, engaging ways while adhering to principles of design, typography, layout and color. And I’ll do all this with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and a true passion for the work I’m doing.

Top Skills

  •  UI & UX Design
  •  Motion Design
  •   Branding & Identity
  •   Infographics
  •  Responsive Web Design
  •   Photography & Videography
  •   HTML & CSS


Check out some of my most recent blog posts.
So, how do you construct this perfect user experience? It’s a whole lot more than just design. UX relies on research, user testing, and careful analysis to determine what users prefer. Usability is influenced by visual aspects such as where buttons are, how a menu is formatted, and how you navigate through a product.

UI vs. UX Design: What's The Difference?

You use visuals to guide a viewer through the topic, and it should flow linearly to make the information easy to understand. You don’t want your audience confused about what to read and what the data actually means, or they'll miss the whole point of your visualization.

10 Ways To Create Powerful Infographics & Data Visualizations  

Many designers get overexcited and start adding lots of links, buttons, graphics, gifs, videos, motion graphics, etc. While these features are beneficial in moderation, overusing elements just clutters up the page and confuses the user. Ask yourself if you’re putting something on the page because you need it or because you want it.

Common UI Mistakes, Explained by a Puppy


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